DirectX 12 will improve your graphics performance by 20 percent

DirectX 12 API will improve your graphics performance up to 20 percent. According to Bryan Langley, a principal program manager for graphics with Microsoft.

“This is like getting free hardware”, Langley said. “So if you’re a gamer, and you upgrade to Windows 10, and you have that Iris Pro, it’s like getting that extra kick. It may make your game go from not quite playable, to playable, from mediocre to awesome, from awesome to just out of this world.”

According to Max McMullen, a principal development lead for Microsoft, DirectX 12 would be available to software developers. He also noted that Microsoft has carefully recorded, anonymously, the hardware that PC gamers are download and run the technical preiews of Windows 10. He also said that Microsoft believes Windows 10 is now running up to 50 percent of all PCs today.

So it’s going to be a great, huge platform for lots of endpoints to reach,” McMullen said.


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