Gamer dies after 19 hours gaming session

A good gamer can maintain the Hero healthy to survive until finish line and win. And also if you are a good gamer, you maintain also your body to become healthy like your hero in World of Warcaft.

A 24-year-old gamer Wu Tai coughed up blood, collapsed, and died. The gamer spend 19-hour World of Warcraft session. Other gamers saw Wu Tai turn away and begin violently coughing. He slumped in his chair and others noticed that he was dabbing blood away from his mouth with a handkerchief.

They asked if he was okey, Wu Tai replied that his okey. And the cafe operator called for an ambulance, but Wu Tai died before arriving of the ambulance. I think Wu Tai has an illness and the illness attack at the time of Wu Tai gaming session.


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