How to troubleshoot No Display/Signal Error in Desktop Computer

Common Computer Error

Troubleshooting a computer system is not difficult. The first thing you must learn is how to fix a common computer error. Error like No Monitor Signal or Display, Storage Device or Media is not detected, or computer with infected viruses.

Error Encountered
Last day I troubleshoot a desktop computer with no signal or display error. Usually, the common reason is your RAM (Random Access Memory) is not detected or maybe damage. How To Fix? Fixing that problem by removing the RAM and clean it with a soft cotton or other soft materials. Try also to clean the RAM Slot and insert the RAM Again.
In my checkup result, the RAM is in good condition because my computer system performing a POST (Power On Self Test) test with normal beeping when turning on. And when you press the numlock key of the keyboard, it turns on and of meaning the memory connected to CPU is in good condition. The problem is in the VGA because I am using the VGA port as my monitor connection.


VGA Port
On board VGA usually has approximately 126 MB of memory and also built with a Micro chip on common motherboard. I tried fixing, soldering, checking using multi meter but the problem is always present. So I decided to use a Video Card for my monitor connection. My available display slot is AGP and I need to buy an AGP type Video Card.
After attaching the Video card to my computer system, my computer is back to normal. Thanks to Video card.
ATI Video Card (AGP Type) with 256 MB Memory


Video Card Attached to Motherboard

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