Samsung Galaxy S4 mini vs HTC One mini

In Android-land, a good smartphone is more often than not a large smartphone. Screens of 5 inches and above dominate the high-end segment, meaning that anyone who wants the very best must learn to live with a handset of not-so-pocket-friendly proportions. However, there is a handful of smartphones that pack lots and lots of bang in a small, compact package – a combo sought after by a considerable fraction of users. And right now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and the HTC One mini are among the best specimens fitting the description.

On one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and the HTC One mini seem to have a lot in common. They are both compact, easy to handle, equipped with 4.3-inch screens, and rich in terms of features. That makes ranking one of them above the other rather tricky. But the more we play with these two minis, the more differences between them we can list. In fact, we can pretty much give you a clear picture as to which smartphone you’d be more satisfied with, depending on your needs and preferences. Read on to learn more.

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