11 Things Android Phones Can Do Compare to iPhone

As we notice the latest version of iPhone, it is powerful and expensive than to android phones. iPhone used iOS and Android phones used Android OS. If you are a person owned an iPhone, I think you are a rich person because you can afford the iPhone. If we compare to Android Phones, many of them are affordable so that many people can afford and owned an Android Phone.

There are 11 thinks Android Phones can do compare to iPhone.

  1. You can add a bigger battery to most Android phones. The iPhone’s back isn’t removable.
  2. With some Android phones, you can open multiple apps at once.
  3. You can charge your Android phone with any micro USB cable.
  4. Some Android phones come with a micro HDMI connection.
  5. On the Moto X, you can give your phone instructions without even having to touch it
  6. You can add more storage to Android phones with a micro SD card.
  7. On most Android phones, you can swipe down from the top of the screen to get shortcuts to a bunch of settings.
  8. With Android, there’s much more room for customization than iOS.
  9. Add widgets to your Android phone’s home screen.
  10. You can use your Android phone as a remote control. 
  11. Swap out the back cover.

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