Cloning Hard Disk Drive Using Acronis True Image

Drive Cloning is very popular specially if you have many computers need to setup and install software. Software include the operating system software and the application software. Cloning is to copy the entire image file from one drive to another. By applying cloning, your job is easy to complete.

Cloning Drive Image


  1. Your computer must have a complete system and application software installed.
  2. All computer are the same specifications.
  3. Acronis True Image (Software Use in Cloning Process) – Download Here!


  1. Install Acronis True Image to the source computer.
  2. Remove all the hard disk drive of all computers and insert it to the source computer one by one.
  3. Run the Acronis True Image and follow the steps on cloning process
  4. After restart, your cloning process is complete.
  5. Insert the hard disk drive with copied image to their respective computer system and run it.
  6. Compare the source computer and the copied image in their software. If the same, your cloning process is successful. 

As you notice that we are using Acronis True Image Software for cloning. There are many cloning software today but I am satisfied using Acronis True Image. Thanks to Acronis True Image Software.

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