Computer System Troubleshooting tips and tricks

Troubleshooting personal computer is not difficult, the Technic is to understand and study the computer components function. First you must understand the major parts of the computer system especially in the motherboard parts. Motherboard has five major parts, The CPU, Memory, North bridge controller, South bridge controller, and Display. See image below.

Five major component of the motherboard 

Usually trouble of a computer system is no display in the monitor, if you encounter that error? you must understand the beeping of the computer. beeping is one of the Technic to understand the error, if the beeping sound out is (1 long  3 short and 1 long) meaning the malfunction component is the memory. So remove the memory chip and clean it, and also the memory slot. After cleaning the memory and the slot, try to attache the memory and turn on your computer. congratulation if you succeed but if not, try to perform again from the beginning.

This time a am troubleshooting a computer system with no display error. The problem I encountered is still no display after I remove, clean the memory.  Note that not all the time we suspected the memory if your computer is no display. At this time i suspected the motherboard because all of the component attached to the mother board is functional. Question is how to identify the functional and defective motherboard? The answer below.

To check if your motherboard is defective or functional you must attach a system speaker, system speaker is used for beeping purposes so that the technician can understand the error. After attaching the system speaker, try to turn on your computer, if the system speaker beep your motherboard is functional but if not, your motherboard is defective.

 Below are the screenshots of troubled computer system.

DDR Memory Chip (1GB)

Inside the computer system

Specification of this computer system:

  • Motherboard – AsRock 775156G
  • CPU – Intel Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory – Samsung DDR 1GB
  • HDD – Seagate 80GB IDE Type
  • PSU – G-Force ATX-500W
  • CD-ROM – Asus 52x max speed

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