How to identify the total Hard Disk space in Windows 10

This articles talk about how to identify the total Hard Disk space in Windows 10. Hard Disk space is very important to our computer system. If you have low space drive, you cannot save multiples files because it is limited but if you have a Hard Disk drive with high capacity, you can save many files in any format.

Low disk space can also affect the performance of the computer system because all data processed by the computer system is automatically saved into the hard disk drive. In computer hardware, hard disk drive is under the secondary storage device. Remember that secondary storage device like hard disk drive can hold the data permanently.

As part of the buyer’s guide, one of the information needed to ensure great performance is the Hard Disk Drive capacity. You should identify the hard disk drive capacity when buying a new Laptop or Desktop computer.

How to identify the total Hard Disk space in Windows 10

Press and Hold your “Windows Key + E” to open the file explorer in Windows 10. You can also use this short-cut key in Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating system.

Right-Click “This PC” to display the options.

1rightclick ThisPC

When the option this display, select “Manage” to display the “Computer Management”.


Under “Computer Management” select the “Disk Management” in the left side of the window.


TotalDisk Space

Disk management will display all the disk information like disk volumes, file system, disk status, and the capacity of the total disk and each partition. You can also format the drive or change the drive letter using the “Disk Management”.

The “Disk management” can manage all the secondary storage devices attached to your desktop or laptop computer. In physical, the hard disk drive capacity is labeled in the hard disk drive.

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