iPOS System For Grocery and Department Store Free Download

Our Point of Sale System is designed for grocery stores, restaurants, department stores and any establishments involves in selling products and services. This can be customized to fit your business needs.


  • Add, Update and Delete Products
  • Equiped with Bardcode scanner
  • Auto-print and cut reciepts
  • Cash drawer support
  • Can generate daily, weekly, and monthly income
  • Can generate top seller products
  • Can generate/view critical and out of stock products
  • Cash drawer ready
  • Receipt printer ready
  • Setup product price easily
Required Software
Before installing the software, be sure to install the Report Viewer , MySQL Data, mysql-essential-5.0.22-win32, and mysql-gui-tools-5.0-r1a-win32. This software is tested in Windows 7 operating system.

How to Setup MySQL Server?
After installing the MySQL Tools, Go to All Programs and locate MySQL > MySQL Server 5.0 > MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard. Follow the screen wizard to complete the setup. Don’t forget to set your sever password.

How to Import MySQL Database?
After installing the MySQL Tools, Go to All Programs and locate MySQL > MySQL Query Browser. In you MySQL Server, Set your Server to”localhost“, UserName to “root“, and password.

Remember that if your MySQL Server is opposite to the information above, The iPOS cannot connect to MySQL Database. 

For the default username and password, you can contact me at 09169880604 or you can send email at ct_bebeloni@yahoo.com.
Retail Form

Administrator Form
Sample Receipt

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