Is Your Anti Virus Can Protect Your Computer From Viruses?

There are many question about protecting your computers and mobile devices from viruses and spyware. And there are many people say can and cannot protect. I am 5 years of experience as a computer technician and there are many people I’m encountered about viruses problem.

If you are a computer and mobile users, you know the effect of viruses. It can affect the computer and mobile performance if your computer and mobile lots of viruses and spyware. I encountered many antivirus like AVG, Avera, Avast, Eset, and many more. To make your antivirus can protect your computer and mobile, just stay update your anti virus.

There are many virus database update on specific anti virus and all of them need to be update. To update your anti virus you need an internet connection. Your anti virus can kill viruses and spyware if updated but if not? your anti virus is useless.

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