Netop Vision ME is the New iPad Classroom Workflow App

Netop Vision ME is the new iPad Classroom Workflow App, the Vision ME App from Netop. This app is for classroom iPad Class that can Present, Focus, and Share.

This App can present lessons from anywhere in the classroom iPad to ipad. Allow students to lead class demonstrations from their iPad. Showcase any student’s work to the entire class, Broadcast messages, and chat with students.

Blank the student screens and can block internet access. Post materials online for students to access in and out of class and Assess student learning with web-based test and quizzes.

Netop Vision ME Features

  • Present
  • Showcase
  • Share Files
  • Messaging
  • Blank Screen
  • Block Access
  • Online Learning
  • Quizzes and Polls
  • Assessment Tools

Vision ME is available for teachers and students on the App Store. 

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