How to uninstall Updates in Windows 10

This tutorial entitled “How to uninstall Updates in Windows 10” will teach you on how to uninstall a specific windows update in windows 10. Windows Update is important to our computer system especially those system running in Windows operating system. Windows update serve as a bug fixer of your windows operating system. It means that every update installed in your system, there is a specific bug fixed or new features added to your system.

Windows update is automatically turned on in default so that when your system is connected to the internet, your system can directly access the Microsoft support to find any new updates compatible in your windows operating system. If the system finds it, it automatically installed the windows update it to your system.

There are some user hates Windows update when it’s turned on and I am one of them. To remove your windows update, please follow all the instructions below.

How to uninstall updates in Windows 10

Press and Hold the “Windows Key + R” to open the “run”.

In the “Run”, type “control” to open the system “control panel”.


Under the “control panel”, find and open the “Program and Features”.


In the upper-left side of the “Program and Features” Window, find and click the “View Installed Updates”.


Inside installed updates, just select any update that you want it to remove and click “Uninstall”. After the process completed, you are required to restart your computer system.


Remember that Windows update is important to our computer system. If the update is removed, there are parts of your program will not work and it can affects the performance of your computer system. Before removing any updates, just search it first through any search engine to identify the affected programs when it removes so that you can avoid system failures.

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