Upgrade Your Gaming Rig With Geil Enhance Corsa 4GB DDR3 Memory

When building and upgrading gaming computers, we always focused on Memory, Processor, and Graphics. With Geil Enhance Corsa 4GB DDR3 Memory, your gaming computers will be powerful and compatible to all online and offline video games that required high memory. Reference geil

  • Available in 4GB(2GBx2) & 8GB(4GBx2) Dual Channel Package
  • – Available CAS: 9-9-9-28 
  • – Working Voltage : 1.5V
  • – Heat-spreader: CORSA edition heat-sink system
  • with MTCD Technology in Racing Orange finish
  • – Technology: DBT Enhanced, Die-hard
  • Burn-in Technology
  • – Warranty: Lifetime

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